A key to raising awareness and recognition of the AYA population at both public and professional levels, education is the first step to increasing the nation’s focus and resource allocation so essential for addressing the AYA cancer problem.


  • Heightens awareness of vulnerability in the vital, under served AYA population of cancer patients—brings to light the multitude of complex issues faced
  • Raises relevance to susceptibility of AYAs to cancer within the general AYA community and among  primary healthcare providers AYAs initially see—supports  earlier diagnosis, leading to better outcomes for patients referred to centers medically experienced in treating AYA cancers
  • Is a catalyst for discussions, endeavors to grow collaborative enterprise—deep rooted durable commitments between researchers, corporations, private investors, government agencies—all stakeholders—engaging without further delay in forging real solutions for AYAs
  • Partners with research in quarterbacking  a growing medical-community  movement dedicated to improving survivability in AYA cancer patients—the only age group whose survival rates have remained stagnant or in decline for the past two decades
  • Calls unabashedly for the development of psycho-social, financial, and spiritual support services for AYAs with cancer—even with an intensely demonstrated need,  programs have simply not developed for AYAs as they have for younger patients