Dan’s House of Hope helps young adults fighting cancer heal through community, supportive programming and home away from home services that reduce isolation, decrease financial burdens and nourish hope.

Taking a Bearing…

Young adults and older adolescents are a distinctly underserved population in the cancer care continuum.  Compared with younger and older age groups, this population has seen little or no improvement in cancer survival rates for decades.  Psychosocial and support services available to AYAs with cancer (and their families/caregivers) are severely limited, although their needs for such services tend to be broader in scope and intensity than among younger and older patients because of the many emotional, developmental, and social changes and transitions that occur during this stage of life.

Few, if any, resources—ones that are designed and dedicated to supporting the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of young adults and older adolescents (beyond age 18)—exist to offer supportive home away from home services to patients and their caregivers receiving treatment lengthy distances from home.

Dedicated uniquely to serving young adults and older adolescents, Dan’s House of Hope-Houston is a Home for Hope to AYAs staying in the Texas Medical Center area to receive the best available in cancer care at nationally acclaimed University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and other renowned Texas Medical Center hospitals.

It is . . .

  • A dedicated oasis for young adults and older adolescent cancer patients in Houston and around the country near nationally recognized cancer centers of excellence
  • A home-away-from-home environment offering comfortable, safe, affordable accommodations, “… with a good sound system…,” plenty of gathering space, and a large, enticing, “always open” kitchen
  • An inviting refuge for AYAs to gather—a place to heal, to dream, to share, to engage in life and try to recapture a little bit of ‘normalcy’
  • Program offerings and support services designed to assist AYAs and their caregivers

Houston is home to the first Dan’s House of Hope, but our vision extends beyond and includes DHOH homes near the nation’s best cancer care centers providing a home away from home to thousands of young adults from late teens to mid-30’s as they travel for treatment battling cancer.

Setting Our Sights…

  • Supporting AYAs with transportation assistance to select NCI comprehensive cancer care centers throughout the US
  • Generating greater public awareness that cancer is the leading cause of death by disease of adolescents and young adults in the United States
  • Dedicating tangible support to AYAs and their caregivers until cancer’s cure is found!