General Donations

Please join us in our mission of supporting AYA (Adolescents & Young Adult) cancer fighters and survivors. Your gift can make a difference in the quality of life for those dealing with this life threatening illness. You can make a difference. Please give generously!

Your gift will support AYAs traveling to Houston for cancer treatment with housing, and visiting and local Houstonians with critical psycho-programming, educational events and social gatherings.  Please donate to join us in our next step of growing our footprint in Houston – and to eventually expand our mission to include DHOH support near major cancer centers around the country.

Donate To Support AYA Cancer Fighters

Donate to Dan’s House of Hope, and you can be a part of a great cause that helps AYA’s across the world coming to the Houston Medical Center for cancer treatment.


Gifts may also be mailed to: Dan’s House of Hope, PO Box 8444, Houston, TX 77288-8444


What our guests say about DHOH:

“This home has been such a blessing to both Kyla and myself in so many ways. It’s a great feeling to have a place to stay so close to the Proton Therapy building where we can unpack and feel at home. The real blessing is the sense of community at the house and the new friends we have made. People come and go but each have left their mark on us, through their stories and struggles, and hope. The work that Dawn and Roger do for young adults is amazing, and they work tirelessly to maintain and grow their nonprofit.”
– Krista

“That saying about footprints on your heart is so true for the impact y’all have had. We can’t thank y’all enough for opening your house and hearts to us.”
– Lindsay and Gerald, South Carolina

“The house was so cozy and inviting. There were three other young adults and their caregivers staying in the house, each with their own unique story of their journey through cancer. The strength to battle formed an unspoken bond and sense of encouragement among our group. It was very powerful.”
– Chad and Laura, Louisiana

“DHOH has become our home away from home and our family away from family!”
– Colin and Cindy, Tennessee

“Dan’s House of Hope was a blessing for me during one of the most stressful and scary moments of my life. Traveling 1000 miles to be treated is hard enough, but DHOH gave me hope and security as if we were staying with family. I could never repay your kindesses! Thanks!”
– Jaylene, Tennessee