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07/01/2021 - 07/31/2021 at All Day

July/s Prompt:   Image of a Holiday


“I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.”  —Georgia O’Keeffe

Welcome to DHOH’s art journaling initiative!  With 2020 in the rearview mirror, it is time for a little ‘RR’— Reflection and Re-direction— to help us enjoy the freshness of each new month in 2021 and beyond.

There are many benefits associated with stretching one’s creative muscles.  Art journaling’s self-directed process promotes a freedom to explore that may improve clarity—through observation and organization of thought, empower self-expression, reduce daily stress, nurture growth and greater self-awareness, inspire self-confidence, and renew joy in acts of discovery and accomplishment without fear of failure or judgment.

Look forward each month to exercising creativity through a new art journal prompt.  Our self-paced activities are built with the flexibility to accommodate materials, time, and focus.  With each prompt you will have the option to dive in for a deep stretch or take a lighter approach as time or energy level dictates—you are in control. Do with purpose what serves your needs best.

July’s Journal Activity


  • Close your eyes and recall a favorite 4th of July memory from any year of your life
  • Expand the memory experience to include as many relevant sights, sounds, tastes, smells, colors, and feelings of the day as possible.
  • Use these elements to creatively compose an art journal entry of your memory using available art mediums (paint, glitter, ribbon, markers etc.)
  • Challenge yourself to include at least 2 textural components to the piece

Let freedom ring in your self-expression of this holiday memory!


A Happy 4th to All!
















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