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Big hearts and helping hands unite to help AYAs, making a lasting difference in the lives touched.
“It takes a village to raise a child,” so the proverbial saying goes. Similarly, it takes a caring community to raise a dream. We are ever thankful to our community partners old and new for their support of Dan’s House of Hope and the AYAs we collectively help.

Traveling for treatment during a medical crisis, be it from a neighboring city or across the country, is a daunting experience that is emotionally, physically, and financially taxing—especially on young families. Daily expenses for lodging, food, parking can quickly overwhelm budgeted resources that are already under duress from shriveled incomes due to illness.

We want to begin introducing some wonderful organizations and individuals who support YAs and DHOH through their gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Together a dream is being raised, and hope is blossoming.



A fabulously fun day for all at the PhiloWilke Partnership Crawfish Boil and Car Show! Embracing a culture of caring, the staff and their families contribute an array of artistically handcrafted treasures for an event day auction. This year’s leisure-time pursuits generously reaped more than $5,600 in proceeds for Dan’s House of Hope.

Have you ever needed to park for an appointment at the TMC? Then you know the sticker shock experience that accompanies a single day of parking. Now consider the parking tally for weeks or months of treatment appointments. It’s mind-boggling! Through the tremendous generosity and outreach of grants from St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, we are able to provide tangible assistance with TMC parking passes, and Uber / Lyft rides. One of our guest families summarized the gratitude and relief felt by all:

“The assistance we have received with parking at MD Anderson has been an incredible relief for my wife and me while she has been forced to stay at the hospital for weeks at a time. With these stays, come a variety of unexpected expenses that are a strain on our finances. Being able to access these parking passes is just one less thing that we have to stress about during our many extended stays. Thank you for your generosity and assistance.” — Cristian and Erika

DHOH’s vintage 1930’s house is full of charm and character and essential to providing hospitality housing and programming to our YA community. Addressing maintenance needs to keep all that charm open and operating for the families who depend on our services has its challenges. That is why we are so grateful to community partners like David Sanders of William David Homes who step up with expertise and resources that get the job done when we need a hand. Thank you, David, and thank you to all our community partners!


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